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Delivering Growth to both Traditional
and New Energy Leaders

The energy market is dealing with multiple external challenges, and companies are looking to become more agile in managing demand, supply, pricing, and geopolitical impacts.

At Haig Barrett Partners, we partner with senior leaders in the energy industry to better position and prepare them for both high and low-demand environments, and for the ever-changing landscape created by new technologies.  


Critical to this success has been the integration of Strategic Foresight into the existing strategy and planning processes, and growing the skills needed to better respond to industry uncertainty and ambiguity. This is complemented by support for companies that have also been looking to step up their market growth and presence through acquisition.


For example, Haig Barrett Partners have worked closely with one of its oil & gas clients over the last 3 years to accelerate organic growth, build a more agile management team, find and integrate the right acquisition target, and now work closely with the core team to lay out and implement the right green energy strategy for the future.  Over this time, revenues have more than doubled, and the company successfully achieved its people and financial objectives.

To learn more about our energy practice, please


Diagnostics day with Haig


Strategic sessions for Leaders & their teams

The challenges facing Leaders today can't be solved from the inside alone


Market turbulence is destroying the ability to plan, supply chains are strangled and uncertainty is the new certainty.


Which is why we created diagnostics day sessions (10 hours with Haig or one of the team) where you can run through your current strategic plan, discuss your challenges and create your 90 day navigation roadmap.


Against the current backdrop of global politics, macro economics, environmental concerns and changing compliance requirements.

Session Mechanics

This session will enable you to review your own leadership challenges:


  • Changes in customer requirements & regulations

  • Virtual & hybrid team productivity

  • Stakeholder communication & collaboration

  • Supply chain delays & constraints

  • Rapidly advancing technology

Run through your Strategic Plan with Haig (or one of the experts in
his team). Explore the dynamic risks, threats and opportunities that
these turbulent times offer and redesign your approach using our
proven 10-10-10 Methodology.

business-people-in-a-meeting-2022-09-16-09-20-41-utc.jpg download an overview flyer book a call to discuss how this could work for you

(all session formats are bespoke designed to tailor to your
geography and schedule).

Case Studies

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Euro Mechanical EME Outlook

As the world tackles the health and socioeconomic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic...

HB EuroMechanical EME Outlook article issue 38.png

Podcasts & Blogs

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