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Construction Industry in the Middle East

The focus within the Construction Industry sector has recently turned to Developing Leadership teams and the company’s Strategy for Accelerated Growth in this fast-growing Middle East market.

Our Leadership programmes highlight the leadership skills required by all senior management leaders within an organisation in order to meet the demands of this fast-growing sector and cover the following key components:

  • Construction Management

  • Profit Optimisation

  • Project Management


The programmes aim to reset the mindset of the Leadership teams to a razor-sharp focus on the key areas of Construction Management, Project Management, and building solid relationships with all key stakeholders.

Integrated execution process

—William Malek - Strategy2Reality International.


Episode 7 - Tony Meggs fast tracks the future

“I like to make a difference in whatever I do.” Tony Meggs, ex Chairman of Crossrail and former CEO of Major Projects and Infrastructure, joins Haig to talk clean energy, complex transformations and Greta.

Episode 7 podcast

Episode 8 - Building bridges with Nisrine Chartouny

“I always wanted to be part of projects that would influence positively how people lived.” Nisrine Chartouny goes Between The Lines with Haig!

Episode 8 podcast
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