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A review of this year's conference from the Haig Barrett Partners team

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In fact, this could have easily been 'Abu Dhabi' (but that wouldn't be six words...). That's because Abu Dhabi is not just where ADIPEC was held but that it, in doing so, has shown itself once again as being a central centre of ambition for the energy industry.


From Dr Sultan Al Jaber's remarks on the opening day to the conversations had by participants throughout, ADIPEC 2023 has been focused on finding practical long-term solutions to the energy challenges that both the UAE and the world is facing. 

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The Haig Barrett Partners (HBP) team was represented by its founder, Haig Armagianhan, and Rory Broomfield, helping Euro Mechanical unveil its ambition to have 30% of its total revenue in non-traditional oil and gas by 2030. 


This target is necessary to help move the industry forward and provide affordable, secure and sustainable energy for the economy of the future.  

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The challenges that face the energy sector include reducing energy emissions from cement, steel, aluminium and heavy transport.


This was recognised during the conference, with a number of speeches from the Decarbonisation Hall to the Main Stage outlining visions and steps to do so. Presentations, such as from the Chief Green Hydrogen Officer of Masdar, Mohammad Abdelqader El Ramahi, showed how there is support to work on multiple fronts to make both Abu Dhabi and the UAE as one of the global players in the production and export of green hydrogen.   

Partnerships though are key to making the energy transition a success. Euro Mechanical, for example, is uniquely placed as an international conduit for this change. As outlined by its CEO of Euro Mechanical, Jon Rawding, the company is working with its partners to collaborate to achieve both its target and solve the challenge to provide secure, accessible and sustainable energy for the future.

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There was a recognition that within the energy industry there were already the skills and technologies that are necessary to meet the demands of the future economy. As Ole Rygg, Group Managing Director Wells, ABL Group, said in a discussion at the UK Lounge: CCS is tremendously useful at decarbonising but we are well behind. His thesis was very much that there needed to be collaboration between regulators, companies and universities to apply the knowledge in the sector and achieve success. 

After a successful conference with industry leaders, it is clear that the focus is turning to COP28 in Dubai later on in the year. This will be a perfect chance for global players to share their plans to enhance collaboration towards changing the energy industry in a just, equitable and pragmatic way. 


It is an opportunity for energy firms to show how they are working together with others to further the energy transition towards a greener economy. 


As a strategic consultancy, Haig Barrett Partners is always open to help firms that desire to be included in the new energy economy. For those that wish to Decarbonise. Faster. Together - the slogan of ADIPEC 2023 -

please contact Haig Armaghanian on

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