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Strategic Advantage for Life Science Innovators

The fast-paced pharmaceutical marketplace is rich with opportunity and demands a strategy based upon innovation of products, services, and refined, targeted,  business models to keep pace with changing market conditions.

Haig Barrett Partners provides the strategic foundation to enable companies working across the life sciences value chain to stay ahead of the demanding pace of the market. We work in a ‘co-creative’ process with our client’s vision in which critical planning, budget, and project targets are coordinated seamlessly. Integrated action produces results.


Make better, more informed decisions with strategic guidance for profitability and growth.

Client Profile

HB Partners Supports Codexis Game-changing Innovation

Codexis is a world leader in providing unique, state-of-the-art protein engineering and enzyme optimization services. Their technology makes it possible to engineer new proteins and enzymes that are the foundation of new drugs that can be developed and manufactured efficiently.

Codexis CodeEvolver Technology

Codexis proprietary CodeEvolver® protein engineering technology platform enables the rapid development of highly optimized proteins, custom-designed for our clients’ specific therapeutic or process-relevant applications.

HB has provided support in communicating the complex narrative around the layers of innovation that make up the CodeEvolver technology. The system makes highly creative use of Artificial Intelligence technology to sift protein candidates and optimize the most viable candidates, saving time and money, and shaping a successful outcome in many subtle ways.

Codexis technology has brought change and opportunity to pharmaceutical development process, and HB is supporting Codexis in communicating this transformation at all levels— from strategic business insight, to pharmaceutical products and services, to deep technical pharmaceutical chemistry. The story of this transformative innovation operates at all levels, and HB is seeking to provide Codexis advantage and market focus at every point.

“Building Blocks of New Pharma”

Navigating the ever changing terrain of bio tech, pharmaceutical, and medtech…

More demanding healthcare, regulatory, and consumer driven agendas are changing the environment for Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies. It has become increasingly harder to meet the needs of these new demands.

As a result a need for innovative, cost effective medicine continues to rise as it is imperative for companies to improve R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations, and rationalize spending on sales and marketing to enhance financial performance.

The goal of the Bio Tech Summit is to help companies understand, navigate, and stay ahead of trends.

Currently the Top 5 Trends in BioTech are:

  1. Enzymes, stem cell and gene therapies evolve into futuristic treatments

  2. New drug technology moves ahead with a host of new BioTech

  3. BioTech goes global as Asia gets connected to industry leaders in the U.S. and Europe

  4. The BioTech Sector rides the Mergers & Acquisition wave

  5. Customer driving Pharma – Customer experience, knowledge and demand for personalized medicine is increasing

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The life sciences marketplace is fast paced, and driven by innovation. Leading companies in Pharma and Bioscience need creative insight and strategic support to build successful businesses based on their innovative technologies.

At Haig Barrett, we are committed to being future forward and staying ahead of market trends and technology for our committed clients. It is in this vein and through our Think Tank relationships that we have found a very valuable partnership in the Life Sciences Industry. We are very excited to announce that Los Angeles-based Haig Barrett, Inc. Management Consultants and That’s Nice LLC a New York-based global marketing agency have created Nice Consulting.

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