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Haig Barrett Partners mission is to create long term client partnerships that deliver lasting impact

Haig Armaghanian is a business leader, thought-leader and podcaster with a keen sense for creating and maintaining strategic advantage for his clients. Challenging the status quo of an ever-evolving corporate playing field, he shakes things up with his disruptive thinking – looking at organisations through a different lens; supporting them to make the changes necessary to remain relevant and turn uncertainty into innovation during uncertain times.
He strives to bring the necessary perspective, people, experience and proven methodology to help his clients lead their organisations, manage their teams and prioritise resources in a ‘Black Swan’ world. After 12 years in leading management roles at Rio Tinto, Haig founded Haig Barrett Inc., a US-based management consulting firm that has completed hundreds of successful projects with major international clients over the past 20 years, with a digital and marketing agency subsidiary, HB2. 


In 2017, Haig launched Haig Barrett Partners Ltd based in London, UK to serve clients based in EMEA. Both companies focus on helping global organisations to accelerate growth and increase profitability.
 Haig Barrett Partners mission is to create long term client partnerships that deliver lasting impact. Specialising in innovation, new product/service development, business models, marketing strategy and leveraging branding work to drive people, culture and performance. 


Born and raised in the UK, Haig earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey. Haig has lived in France, Belgium and the US for the past 25+ years and recently relocated back to London, England.


When not working Haig enjoys a good peaty Lagavulin 16 and a fine Cuban Cigar, balanced with a regular dose of yoga. A keen cook - French and Armenian dishes are his specialities and he marvels daily at what his two young daughters discover. 


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