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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital enablement are poised to revolutionise the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations (CDMOs) in the pharmaceutical industry. These technologies will bring significant advancements in various aspects of drug development and manufacturing processes.  Many Pharma companies and CDMOs are now struggling with how to take advantage of these changes.


AI can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of drug discovery by analysing vast amounts of data and identifying potential drug candidates with higher success rates. It can also optimise formulation development, predicting the best combinations of ingredients and dosage forms. This will accelerate the overall drug development timeline, reducing costs and increasing the chances of successful outcomes.


Digital enablement will streamline manufacturing processes by implementing smart systems and real-time monitoring. IoT devices can collect data from production lines, enabling continuous quality control and proactive maintenance. This will lead to improved manufacturing efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced product quality.  These will all impact CDMOs ability to compete effectively in the future.


Furthermore, AI-powered predictive analytics can optimise supply chain management, predicting demand patterns, and ensuring timely delivery of drugs. This will help CDMOs optimise inventory levels, reduce wastage, and improve customer satisfaction.


Overall, AI and digital enablement will revolutionise CDMOs in the pharma industry, enabling faster drug development, more efficient manufacturing processes, and improved supply chain management. Embracing these technologies will be crucial for CDMOs to stay competitive and meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical market.  


Haig Barrett Partners is a management consulting firm that helps CDMOs address the challenges of the future. If you will be at CPhI in Barcelona in October 2023, let’s connect to discuss this further and see how we can help you revolutionise your business. To set up a meeting, you can get in touch at

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